Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic
PREGNANCY TESTS: Laboratory Quality Urine Test
What to expect  

We recommend you make an appointment, but we do welcome walk-ins (if you walk-in and an appointment is scheduled, we will take the appointment first.)”

Please come with a full bladder since we use a urine test. Bring a picture id (if you don't have one we will ask you to fill out a few security questions to ensure your confidentiality and bring your medi-cal card if you have one).

The full appointment will take about 1 hr and 30 minutes, sometimes longer depending on the circumstances. 

Tests are given at the beginning of the intake and all options are discussed while waiting for test results.

We will discuss with you all of your options after results are given.  If you have questions for our nurses they will be available to answer any questions you have.  Confidentiality is extremely important to WPCC.  We will not give information over the phone or if someone walks in asking for client information without checking the identity of our clients first.

  When to take a test:  
We recommend you take a test when you have missed a period.  If a test is taken too early it can produce a false negative, which means the hormone level is not strong enough to be detected on the pregnancy test and it could read negative.  Yet, in a few weeks your test will show positive when the hormone is strong enough.

According to the manufacturer’s label our tests are 99% accurate.  We do not offer blood tests at our facility.  If you need a referral to a low cost medical clinic to assist you with that please call us or email us.

If you have an irregular period and don't know the last time you had a period recommend you call a nurse and discuss this with her at (562)902-CARE (2273) or email her at wpccnurse@gmail.com